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November 14

Through much prayer to God for his wisdom and mercy Kevin Bethea and Horace Grant Sr. began to prepare plans for the church of Christ in East Baltimore.

December 3

First worship service was held at the holiday Inn on Frankford Avenue and Moravia Park Drive.  More than 45 people were in attendance.


February 14
We moved from the hotel into own worship facility in the Highland town community; more than fifty members were in attendance. Later that same year God blessed us to install Kevin Bethea and Horace Grant Sr. as elders in the congregation.

December 7
God continued to bless us in our rapid growth rate and with the lack of adequate space to expand in the general vicinity we began to look elsewhere. Plans were being prepared to relocate to another location in the Northeast section of Baltimore that would accommodate the increased membership.


Schedule of Services & Classes

The time had come for the congregation to relocate once more to 9420 Belair Road. This new larger facility would allow us to continue to grow and serve more efficiently. Our new facility sets on three and one-half acres of land and gives us further growth potential. We have expanded the Northeast Baltimore Bible Institute and college to meet the needs of the community at large. We have installed Kevin Bethea, Eric Brooks, and Eric Lorick as elders and Robert Cooper and Marlowe Rogers as deacons and Larry Frazier as an additional associate minister. We presently look forward to seeing what blessing the Lord will bestow upon us next. We thank God for his goodness and favor for without Him we can’t do anything, but with Jesus Christ all things are possible.


God blessed the congregation to relocate again to 6305 Sherwood Road. This new location afforded the congregation the opportunity to become community ministry oriented. We were able to have community summer camps, gospel meeting, financial workshops, a bible college and more. We also were blessed to install Eric Brooks and Eric Lorick as deacons in the congregation and Gregory Claiborne as associate minister.



 In times of bad weather and emergencies, for closing information tune to:

WRBS 1230 AM  |  95.1FM

WJZ Channel 13  |



Tuesday Sweet Hour of Prayer


Wednesday  Bible Study


Tuesday Evening Men's

& Ladies Classes


Thursday Morning ​Bible Study


9:45 am

3rd & 5th Sundays

Repentance & Recovery Counseling Sessions


1st Sunday

Grief Support Group & Class

Counseling by request and appointment only.


8am & 11am

Morning ​Worship


Sunday School


Evening ​Worship


Sunday 1st Study Class

The Body of Christ committed to reaching the world with the Gospel. We will strive to be successful in our quest to be good ambassadors for Christ. Our primary mission is to be servants to those in need and to introduce the gospel to the world, without addition, subtraction, or substitution.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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