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Bro. Geoffrey Veale
Associate Minister
Family Life Ministry Leader

The Family Life Ministry is dedicated to helping families create, build on and strengthen their walk with Christ, and their relationship with each other. Our commitment is to establish Godly Family Ministries for the purpose of strengthening and stabilizing relationships in marriages, families and individuals, as well as addressing their physical needs through its Benevolence, Hospitality and Extended Services Programs. 


The Benevolence area is responsible for ensuring the charitable and orderly stewardship of funds (1 Cor. 14:40), as well as information and financial counseling to assist brethren in achieving “those things which are needful to the body” – (food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and utilities). 


Our Christian Counseling area focuses on Recovery and Restoration; Grief; Marriage Matters; Parenting With  A Purpose and Christian Life Groups. Our goal is restoring and sustaining wholeness in the lives of all Christians, helping members achieve more satisfying and productive lives with their families, the church, the work place and the community at large.   


The family Life Ministry handles the following areas:​​

Christian Life Counseling, Congregational Benevolence, Grief Counseling, Hospitality/Flowers, Marriage Matters, Parenting with a Purpose, Recovery & Restoration, Service Extension, Small Groups and Zone Ministry​​.

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Geoffrey & Lisa Veale

Bro. Veale's Bio

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Bro Veale:  


Our contact numbers:

Bro Veale's cell:  (443) 310-1997

Sis Veale 's  Cell:  (443) 794-0956

Download a copy of the Grief Ministry Brochure here

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