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Brother Mycul E. Beale, Sr.


Mycul E. Beale Sr. was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Allegany College of Maryland where he completed training in Business Administration. Brother Kevin Bethea baptized Mycul into Christ November 3, 1996 at the East Baltimore Church of Christ.


He grew in nature and admonition of the Lord with his parents and siblings under the mentoring of Brother Kevin Bethea and Brother Joseph Lorick. Mycul was blessed to have been introduced to the Church through door knocking by Sister Yolanda Johnson and Brother Darrell Forney. Mycul's mother, the late Janice Beale, studied the word with Mycul and his siblings and he quickly became immersed in the word at a tender young age of 7. Mycul has been blessed to remain a faithful member of the East Baltimore Church of Christ through his college years, and has settled with his family at the East Baltimore congregation after college.


Through N.B.B.I.C., Mycul has taken leadership classes, which have helped him to grow, and allowed him to teach Bible studies, door knock and facilitate men’s group studies.


Mycul is currently employed by Howard County Public Schools as a Senior Specialist Trainer, which allows him to interact with a variety of people and develop his passion for helping others. When he is not at church, Mycul can often be found coaching his son’s various soccer and basketball teams.


Mycul married his teenage sweetheart Amber M. Beale in 2008 and they have three sons- Mycul Jr, Kendall, and Cameron.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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