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Women's Ministry Coordinator

The Women's Ministry is an integral area of church life that is responsible for fostering the spiritual growth of more than half the church population. Women's ministry strives to meets the needs of women in the church through classes, events, Bible studies and related activities. The ministry reaches women of all ages to ensure they are maturing in their faith and growing as women of God.

Christian unity and love is our goal, fostering Christian growth, love and cooperation so that we may accommodate one another as sisters in Christ. To support, enhance, encourage and edify all sisters through fellowshipping and adhering to the Word of God. We strive to strengthen our relationship with Christ by learning how to be effective servants of God in our many roles as mothers, wives and Christian women in God's kingdom. Our different backgrounds and ages enrich our understanding and appreciation of each other. We share prayer requests and reflections on Bible study as it applies to our lives and as we work to bring others to our Lord Jesus Christ


The Women's Ministry handles the following areas:​​

Tuesday Night Ladies Bible class, Women's Fellowships, Ladies Day Tea Ladies Retreats, Women's Counseling​​.

Interested in volunteering on the Women's Ministry?  Please contact us below:

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NEW Tuesday Night Women’s Bible Study

Starting March 4, 2014





















Come and join the Tuesday night Women’s Bible Study class as we begin a study on women getting along. Women live every day in a kind of jungle. It is not a physical place but rather a realm of woman-to-woman relationships. It can encompass the best and worst of how women treat each other, even sisters in Christ. Come learn how to survive, learn to thrive in what can sometimes be a hostile environment. The bible is the ultimate relationship manual. There is no better place than God’s word to find the answers to our relationship quandaries. Join us as we come together to learn to truly come together.


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